Our Employers

At Pin Point Training, our prime focus is to work closely with you to provide exceptional training and consultation solutions that works.

Through the delivery of both accredited and non-accredited training, our aim is to ensure that your objectives are met. We do this through the effective working relationships we build, getting to know your business and getting to know you.

We know how important your employees are to the success of your business, which is why we place such importance on the quality and effectiveness of what we deliver.

Bespoke Training

Tailored bespoke training to suit your business and future skills needs.


Embedded qualifications to add value to your future staff (eg Food hygiene, CSCS card, LOLLOP, FLT, H&S etc)

Increase Productivity

Recruit a committed workforce ready to increase your business productivity.

Save Money

Reduce cost and attrition rates within your recruitment and new staff.


All candidates are screened and assessed on their suitability for the job role throughout our courses.

Working In Partnership

We become an extension of your current recruitment process offering detailed feedback, candidate reviews prior to interview.

Training Process

Understand the opportunity and work with the employer to ensure all role details have been captured. We will promote their business and vacancies to prospective candidates. We will use a wide range of techniques dependent on your business, your industry and the vacancy.

We use a range of tools to assess candidate’s suitability for both the role and organisation. With tailored interview profiles, we look to establish preferences and suitability for specific roles.

Designed to prepare candidates for your business, helping them develop the skills they need to prepare for, apply for and behave in your workplace.

To support candidates in their journey into employment, we constantly rescreen, reassess and monitor everyone. This is where we determine if the candidate has the correct work ethic, character and passion for the employer/organisation.

Our employment support team will support all candidates in preparing for starting their new roles, from identifying the right work equipment required, transport options to suitable attire for the workplace.

We will continue to support new employees once they’ve started with our employers, providing ongoing mentoring and coaching, and also identifying other work-based learning requirements such as in work development or apprenticeships if required.