As a division of Nova Payroll Management Services, Pin Point Training was established in 2012 with the primary focus of forging long-term partnerships with Prime Providers of Apprenticeships, Adult Education Budget, educational establishments and agencies, to provide a reliable, engaging and effective service for employers within the UK supporting their recruitment needs by providing well trained staff from all backgrounds, regardless of barriers.


To the present day, we continue to work with employers to identify their additional business needs, enabling us to support the progress of employees and providing opportunities for new employees to learn changing skills and technological systems, progress to higher levels supporting growth and becoming the workforce of the future. This also allows us to provide reliable, engaging and accessible training to job seekers, given our in-depth knowledge of the sectors in which we operate and support, giving people and businesses the skills for growth.


VISION – “To provide reliable, engaging, accessible and effective services for people and businesses to develop the skills for growth”

MISSION – Pinpoint Training aims to support all people to improve their life chances through providing access to high quality skills training development and employment opportunities, supporting Employers to grow within their sectors and regions in response to changing economic climates and landscapes.

Pin Point Training Core Values

• Reliable

• Engaging

• Accessible

• High Quality

• Connecting Opportunities  

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