Manage Your Time as an Apprentice

How to Manage Your Time as an Apprentice

Managing your time can seem overwhelming, especially if you are balancing work and an apprenticeship. Pin Point recognise this and understand people need a helping hand with time management. Here are our top tips and suggestions to help you manage your time as an apprentice.

Planning your Modules

During your time as an apprentice, you will have multiple assignments over the course leading up to your portfolio. Each assignment fits into a specific module breakdown. Therefore, using organisational tools to help you keep up to date with what you have to do will help you with your time management.

What Tools Could You Use?

Being able to visualize your workload makes it a lot easier to manage and prioritise tasks.

Many people find writing down a list of their daily tasks helpful, however there are many online work management software programmes available to help you manage your workload. For example Click Up, Trello and Smartsheet are great for planning your week.

Here is an example of Trello and how it can be used

Planning your work week.

As an apprentice your employer will allow you to spend 20% of your work week dedicated to completing assignments for your apprenticeship. That equates to 1 day per week dedicated to your apprenticeship. Utilise this time to complete your work, try getting a room that has no distractions, so you are able to work to the best of your ability.

Coworkers and Mentors are there to help!

Remember, it is okay to ask for help. A second persons opinion may open up ideas to what you can work on and improve. Feedback is the best thing you can receive as an apprentice, constantly improving your work will enable you to get the highest grade for your ability.

Getting extra help will improve your knowledge and you will be able to retain this through the rest of your job. Also getting help whilst working will count to your training hours as a part of your apprenticeship.

Pin Point Training have a variety of different apprenticeship programmes available. If you’re interested in becoming an apprentice or are an employer looking to upskill your workforce please get in touch.

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